Stickmaker Class

Marquee sponsored by Earnshaw’s Fencing Centre

To be held under British Stickmakers’ Guild Rules and Regulations

Organised by;
Mr J M Bray – HOLME VALLEY STICKMAKERS Tel: 01484 686601

Stickmakers section results 2017
Class Class Name 1st 2nd 3rd
A Plain only walking stickhorn (not of working size) Ian Smith Geoff Wilkinson Steve Bell
B Plain horn crook Michael Bray Ian Smith Steve Bell
C Fancy stick- horn Steve Bell Steve Kime Steve Kime
D Plain thumbstick- horn Michael Bray Ian Smith Michael Bray
E Plain walking stick- wood Ian Smith Steve Bell Steve Bell
F Plain wood crook Ian Smith Ian Smith Michael Bray
G Fancy stick- wood Steve Kime Steve Kime Steve Kime
H Plain thumbstick- wood Ian Smith Ian Smith Ian Smith
I Any other Terry Smith Michael Bray Terry Smith
J Staghorn – fancy Bob Blackburn Michael Bray Bob Blackburn
K Staghorn – plain Michael Bray Michael Bray Geoff Wilkinson
L Staghorn thumbstick – plain or fancy Ian Smith Michael Bray Steve Bell
M Short sticks – under 42” high Geoff Wilkinson Geoff Wilkinson Steve Bell
N Novice – horn Charlie Jackson Charlie Jackson Richard Allchurch
O Novice – wood Charlie Jackson Richard Allchurch Richard Allchurch
P Miniatures Steve Bell Richard Allchurch Terry Smith
Most points in all classes except N&O presented with the “Perpetual Cup” Ian Smith
Best in Show presented with “The Stickmakers Trophy” Steve Bell