Sheep Class


Section Secretary: Sally Hampshire

Carr Barn, Mugup Lane, Hepworth, Holmfirth. HD9 1RB

Sally;  07826 731337 

Entry forms can also be downloaded from the website.


All classes open to both accredited and non-accredited sheep,

but accredited must be accompanied by the green/white SAC form,

which must be handed to the steward before unloading.

SAC approved facilities available for M/V accredited flocks

Any animal found to be in an unfit condition for judging, must be removed to the isolation pen or owners trailer, on request. The judges/stewards decision is final.

Each exhibit must have been owned by the breeder for a minimum of 60 days.

Each breeder may only show a maximum of 2 exhibits per class.

Exhibitors must provide their own hay and straw, for the exhibits.

All vehicles must clear the Showground by 9.00am to relevant parking facilities.

All livestock exhibits must remain on the showground until 5.30pm

An AML form will be sent out with entry passes.

  Please send SAE with your entry form.


Judging commences at 10.30am

Entry fee:            £2 per entry, all classes.

Prizes:         1st – £12      2nd – £8      3rd – £5     4th – Rosette

Trophies:- (to be competed for annually)

       David Gill Memorial Trophy                   presented to Show Champion

      Charlottes Jersey Ice Cream Trophy       presented to Champion Ryeland

      James Holgate Trophy                         presented to Champion Suffolk

      Dianne Hughes Trophy                        presented to Champion Rare Breed

      D H Wadsworth & Sons Trophy             presented to Champion Lowland & Continental

      Sykes & Son New DunsleyTexel Trophy  presented to Champion Texel

      Martyn R Booth Emley Show Trophy      presented to Champion Butchers’ lambs

      The James Brown Perpetual trophy        presented to Champion Jacob

      The Wells cross Trophy                         presented to Champion coloured Ryland

The Robertshaws Chartered Surveyors Trophy presented to Best Young Sheep Handler

SHOW CHAMPION – Judged at 2pm – Points score

Parade of sheep and trophy presentation in the main ring at approximately 4pm

£100 prize to Champion of Champions, kindly donated by Mr Geoffrey Wraithmell.

We acknowledge our grateful thanks to our class sponsors:-

The Garden Coffee lounge @ Bennett’s Eggs, Liversedge:- Ryelands

Fran Tunbridge :- Jacobs

      Texel               Judge:- Frank Rushton – Matlock

Run under the rules of the Texel Sheep Society and is a qualifier for

the Northern Area Sheep Breeders Points Trophy

1001Ram lamb – born 2022
1002Shearling Ram
1003Aged Ram
1004Aged Ewe –  to have suckled this year
1005Shearling Ewe
1006Ewe lamb – born 2022
1007Group of three – one male & two female

       Suffolk             Judge: John Midgley – York

1008Ram lamb – born 2022
1009Shearling Ram or above
1010Shearling Ewe
1011Ewe – to have suckled this year
1012Ewe lamb – born 2022
1013Group of three – one male & two females

       Ryeland           Judge: S Hipps – Bishop Thornton

1014Ram lamb – born 2022
1015Shearling Ram or above
1016Shearling Ewe
1017Ewe – to have suckled this year
1018Ewe lamb – born 2022
1019Group of three – one male & two females

       Lowland & Continental    Judge:- Ralph Alderson –  

1020Ram lamb – born 2022
1021Shearling Ram or above
1022Shearling Ewe
1023Ewe – to have suckled this year
1024Ewe lamb – born 2022
1025Group of three – one male & two females

       Rare Breeds    Judge- Wayne Flintoff – Ossett

1026Ram lamb – born 2022  
1027Shearling Ram or above
1028Shearling Ewe
1029Ewe – to have suckled this year
1030Ewe lamb – born 2022

      Coloured Ryeland    Judge:- Stephen Hipps

1031Ram lamb – born 2022
1032Shearling Ram
1033Shearling Ewe
1034Ewe  – to have suckled this year
1035Ewe lamb – born 2022
1036Group of three – one male and two females

      Jacobs             Judge:- John Dixon – Leicester

1037Ram lamb – born 2022
1038Shearling Ram or above
1039Shearling Ewe
1040Aged Ewe – to have suckled this year
1041Ewe lamb – born 2022

Young Handlers                           Judge:- TBA

1042Age   4 – 11 years
1043Age 12 – 16 years

     Pair of Butchers’ Lambs         Judge:- Jack Bostock