Main Arena Schedule Released

Main Arena Show Day Schedule 2019

Emley Show Main Arena schedule has now been confirmed for 3rd August 2019 show day. This year will see a more traditional main arena bringing the heart of the show for the public’s entertainment and participation. Emley Band will welcome and open the event with a traditional and very Yorkshire brass band welcome to start the days events. Animals and children will then fill the day with displays of owls, pony club dance and the very popular pony club games and traditional children’s games. Vintage tractors and motorbikes will parade and take us back in time to the wonders of simple engineering to delight the enthusiastic members of the audience. Traditional children’s games will require a whole age range of children to volunteer and fill the arena with laughter and determination to cross the line first and delight on looking Mums, Dads, Grandmas and Grandads. The ever-favourite shire horses will delight the audience as they parade in all their glory and to close, the spectacular grand parade with all the champions from classes throughout the day will take one last bow then close the main arena for 2019. Come along with all the family and enjoy the show and let the children have traditional fun and games.

Main Arena Timetable
11:00 11:10 Welcome and Emley Band
11:15 11:35 Wise Owls
11:45 11:55 RH Pony Club Dance
12:10 12:40 Children’s Games
12:50 13:30 Tractors/Motorbikes
13:40 13:55 Rockwood Hounds
14:05 14:25 Wise Owls
14:35 15:05 Children’s Games
15:15 15:50 RH Pony Club Games
16:00 16:15 Shire Horses
16:35 17:00 Grand Parade

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