How Emley Show works

1. The Water Supply

As you can imagine the requirement for water on the show site is an essential as there are many animals on site during show day and their needs are catered for by a small volunteer force turning the fields into an oasis. Of course, there already exists a mains water supply hidden by the wall sides beneath two screwed down lids that make it all possible. The problem is there are no surface points visible in the months leading up to show day as the fields are used for grazing animals and growing grass for winter silage. Anything that doesn’t move around on the surface has a very short life when exposed to the elements prevalent on Emley Moor.

The Water Gang: Well, that’s Michael Bray and myself, Graham Beckwith, working for a couple of days to give the animals water for show day, and then of course another day post-show returning the fields back to pasture land. The flat ‘ats are part of the culture and keep the breeze out. Michael is the Gaffer, and has done this work for the show for a number of years. I’m the apprentice and general fetcher and carrier as well as ground worker. Michaels legs are not what they were.

We’ve worked out there’s over 300 Metres of  Alcathene pipe to roll out and feed through the buried ducts to get through gateways.

Longest run is from supply number 1, top side of the Horticultural Marquee, all the way to the Cattle Washing Tubs and a surface tap behind and beyond the Cattle Marquee as well as dropping off a feed to the sheep troughs by their show marquee. All the joints are to make up as we go along as otherwise the pipe would be impossible to roll up for storage. The amount of debris and sludge that accumulates in the ducts beneath the gateways is always a problem to clear. Thank goodness for Michael’s pick and shovel .

The shorter run heads from supply 1 across the wall side for 60 Metres to provide a surface tap for the dog’s arena.

The shortest run to provide a tap for the Horticulturalists is across one gateway and 40 Metres from supply number 2.

It was a good job we had Geoff there with the Telehandler to get the big Cattle Tubs off the trailer for us.

It’s a bloomin’ relief when that first trickle of water gets through the lengths and for another year the animals have water on site to make their stay as comfortable as possible. We’ll be back again the week before the 2020 Emley Show.


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