Horticultural Class


Section Secretaries : Janet and Graham Depledge, 386, Wakefield Road, Denby Dale,
Huddersfield. HD8 8RT. Tel; 01484 863551

Entry fee: 50p per entry. Children’s classes: Free
(Entries to the value of £7 or more qualify for an Exhibitors pass.)

Download the entry form here.

Prizes:- Vegetable and Flower Classes ;1st £5, 2nd £3, 3rd £1
Children’s Classes ; 1st £5, 2nd £3, 3rd £1
Flower Arranging ; 1st £10, 2nd £5, 3rd £3

Trophies: Hampson Trophy Best exhibit in the Flower Section
Cobwood Trophy Best exhibit in the Vegetable Section
Harry Wright Crystal Trophy Best exhibit in Rose classes
Harry Wright Rose Bowl Best exhibit in Onions & Shallots
Shaw Trophy Best exhibit in Flower Arranging

Classes 770 &771
Vegetables: Mr G. Butterworth F.N.V.S
Flowers: Mr D. Matthewman Dip.Hort. (Kew)
Flower Arranging and Children’s Section
Mrs V.Hawkes D.D.F.C.


701 1 Marrow
702 2 Sticks of Celery
703 1 Lettuce (with root)
704 The heaviest quality onion
705 3 Onions from sets
706 String of onions tied with raffia
707 1 Cabbage (red, to cut)
708 1 Cabbage (white, to cut)
709 1 Cabbage (green as grown)
710 1 Cauliflower (with roots)
711 3 Beetroots with tops, to cut (max internal size 18” x 12”)
712 4 Potatoes (white)
713 4 Potatoes (coloured or with colour)
714 Any other vegetable not listedhere – with label
715 3 Carrots (stump rooted with tops)
716 6 Broad Beans (space not to exceed 24 X 24”)
717 6 Kidney Beans
718 6 Runner Beans
719 6 Pods of Peas (not exceeding 4″)
720 6 Pods of Peas (over 4″)
721 6 Shallots (any colour)
722 4 Tomatoes
723 A truss of Tomatoes
724 1 Cucumber
725 1 Plate of 3 Courgettes (not exceeding 6”)
725 1 Plate of 3 Courgettes (not exceeding 6”)
726 Basket or trug of Vegetables-for the kitchen
727 2 Leeks (Blanch)
728 Plate of 6 Radish (with tops & root)
729 A plate of salad – shown for effect
730 A tray of 5 different veg,


740 Basket of Flowers
741 One Rose (as grown)
742 Bowl of Roses
743 Vase of 3 Roses
744 1 spray of Floribunda Roses
745 Bowl of Flowers (outside grown)
746 Vase of 7 Sweet Peas (one variety)
747 Vase of 7 Sweet Peas, (at least 4 varieties)
748 Vase of 3 Dahlia – one variety
749 Vase of 3 Dahlia – mixed variety
750 3 stems of any flower not listed here – with label
751 Outdoor planted container
752 Vase of Annuals
753 Fuschia Plant
754 Pelargonium or Geranium Plant
755 Flowering Pot Plant (excluding Fuschias Pelargoniums or Geraniums)
756 Foliage Pot Plant (pot diameter under 8in)
757 Foliage Pot Plant (pot diameter over 8in)
758 2 Vases of Flowers (of dissimilar species)
759 1 Cactus or Succulent
760 Container of Cacti or Succulent (more than 3 varieties)
761 3 spikes of Gladioli
762 A growing exhibit in an unusual Container

PLEASE NOTE: Exhibits in the sections above must have been grown by the exhibitor. Professionally grown or purchased exhibits are strictly not allowed.

Flower Arranging

770 An exhibit – ‘Wedding Bells’
771 A ‘Pot et fleur’ exhibit – an arrangement of plants and flowers

The total size of Flower Arranging exhibits must not exceed Width 60cm, Depth 60cm, Height 90cm. Exhibits must be arranged in the marquee on Friday evening between 5:00pm and 8:00pm, or on the day of the Show up to 9:00am.

772 A Lady’s Spray
773 A Gentleman’s buttonhole

Children’s Section – Age of competitor to be provided

790 Miniature Garden, produced by entrant up to and including age 12 Garden to be no larger than a standard seed tray, 14¾” X 9½”
791 Cress and carrot tops grown by the entrant
792 A flower arrangement in a children’s toy using Oasis foam.

Important Information for Horticulture Section Entrants

Entries will be accepted on Friday evening between 5pm and 7:30pm and on Show Day from 7:30am to 9:30am. Cash only please.
Judging will commence at 10.00am PROMPT. No exhibits to be removed before 4.30pm, when prize money will be paid.
On Show Day all vehicles must be removed from the showground by 9am.