Horticultural Class

Horticultural Show Section Secretaries

Janet and Graham Depledge
386 Wakefield Road, Denby Dale, Huddersfield. HD8 8RT.
Tel: 01484 863551

Horticultural section results 2017
Class Class name 1st 2nd 3rd
Vegetables 701 1 Marrow T Wainwright B Stephenson
702 2 Sticks of Celery
703 1 Lettuce (with root) R Hulme J Beaumont B Stephenson
704 The heaviest quality Onion T Wright
705 3 Onions from sets M Glew M Glew T Wright
706 String of Onions tied with raffia
707 1 Cabbage (red to cut) J Beaumont
708 1 Cabbage (white to cut) J Beaumont
709 1 Cabbage (green as grown) J Beaumont
710 1 Cauliflower(with roots) J Beaumont J Beaumont J Goodall
711 3 Beetroot (with tops to cut) J Beaumont R Hulme R Smith
712 4 Potatoes (white) M Glew M Glew J Beaumont
713 4 Potatoes (coloured or with colour) J Beaumont M Glew A Stephenson
714 1 Vegetable & 1 Flower J Beaumont J Beaumont/T Wright R Hulme
715 3 Carrots (stump rooted with tops) J Beaumont J Beaumont M Glew
716 6 Broad Beans R Hulme R Hulme J Beaumont
717 6 Kidney Beans J Beaumont J Beaumont B Young
718 6 Runner Beans T Wainwright T Wainwright T Wright
719 6 Pods of Peas (not exceeding 4″) J Beaumont M Glew J Beaumont
720 6 Pods of Peas (over 4″) M Glew T Wainwright
721 6 Shallots (any colour) M Glew T Wainwright T Wainwright
722 4 Tomatoes M Foxton T Wright M Reed
723 A truss of Tomatoes M Foxton T Wright
724 1 Cucumber T Wright T Wright M Glew
725 1 Plate of 3 Courgettes (not exceeding 6”) J Beaumont B Stephenson A Stephenson
726 Basket or trug of Vegetables-for the kitchen R Hulme A Stephenson
727 2 Leeks (Blanch) J Beaumont
728 Plate of 6 Radish (with tops & root) M Glew M Glew
729 A plate of salad
730 A Tray of 5 different vegetables J Beaumont T Wright B Stephenson
Flowers 740 Basket of Flowers Julia Beaumont
741 One Rose (as grown) G Renshaw Julia Beaumont M Berry
742 Bowl of Roses M Berry M Berry Julia Beaumont
743 Vase of 3 Roses M Berry M Berry M Berry
744 1 spray of Floribunda Roses M Berry Julia Beaumont
745 Bowl of Flowers (outside grown) Julia Beaumont
746 Vase of 7 Sweet Peas (one variety) M Garlick M Garlick
747 Vase of 7 Sweet Peas, (at least 4 varieties) M Garlick
748 Vase of 3 Dalhia one variety T Wainwright T Wainwright T Wainwright
749 Vase of 3 Dahlia mixed variety T Wainwright M Garlick T Wainwright
750 4 Pansies B Stephenson A Stephenson A Stephenson
751 Outdoor Planted container M Reed M Reed
752 Vase of Annuals A Stephenson E Willoughby B Stephenson
753 Fuschia Plant M Reed M Berry M Reed
754 Pelargonium or Geranium Plant Julia Beaumont
755 Flowering Pot Plant (excluding Fuschias, Pelargoniums  or Geraniums) M Reed M Reed M Garlick
756 Foliage Pot Plant (pot diameter under 8in) M Garlick M Reed B Grainger
757 Foliage Pot Plant (pot diameter over 8in) M Garlick
758 2 Vases of Flowers (of dissimilar species) M Garlick E Willoughby
759 1 Cactus or Succulent B Grainger O Hey D Hunsley
760 Container of Cacti or Succulent (more than 3 varieties) M Reed B Grainger D Hunsley
761 3 spikes of Gladioli R Hulme M Garlick
762 3 spikes of Antirrhinum A Stephenson B Stephenson
763 A growing exhibit in an unusual container D Hunsley M Reed Julia Beaumont
Flower Arranging
Novice Class 770 An exhibit to celebrate the 100th show Joan Garlick
771 An exhibit depicting ‘a riot of colour’ Joan Garlick S Cocking A Cocking
772 A Lady’s Spray A Cocking A Cocking S Cocking
773 A Gentlemans buttonhole A Cocking M Berry A Cocking
Childrens Section 790 Miniature garden up to and including 9 yrs N Kyle A Cooper
791 Miniature garden 10 – 14 yrs
792 A growing exhibit in an unusual container Z Earnshaw
793 A birthday card for Emley Show 100th birthday Z Earnshaw
Hampson Trophy Best exhibit – Flower Section M Reed
Cobwood Trophy Best exhibit – Vegetable Section T Wainwright
Harry Wright Crystal Trophy Best exhibit – Rose classes M Berry
Harry Wright Rose Bowl Best exhibit – Onions & Shallots M Glew
Shaw Trophy Best exhibit – Flower Arranging classes 770-771 Joan Garlick
Best exhibit – Children’s Classes N Kyle