Goat Class

Completed entry forms together with CAE certificate and stamped addressed envelope should be sent to the Section Secretary

Section secretary

Mr. Chris Hagain,
581 Halifax Road, Hipperholme, Halifax HX3 8DD
Tel: 07826 086859

Goat section results 2017
Class Class name 1st 2nd 3rd 4th
801 Female Toggenburg Rio
802 Female Saanen P Newton/Treflor Rio P Newton/Treflor Renee P Newton/Treflor Rita
803 Female British Toggenburg P Phillips/Mystical Moonjoy
804 Female British Saanen M Boocock/Micean Juliet J Hagain/Michsica Ivory M Boocock/Micean Judy
805 Female Anglo Nubian V Hardy/Kinmea Swift V Hardy/Kinmea Evie V Hardy/Kinmea Summer
806 Female British Alpine C Hagain/Hunningley Zoshia
807 Female Other Variety M Hagain/Maxson Shelac
808 Goatling – Toggenburg or British Toggenburg P Phillips/Marlod Flora
809 Goatling- Saanen or British Saanen M Boocock/Micean Alison J Hagain/Michsica Pixie
810 Goatling Anglo Nubian V Hardy/Kinmea Siobhan V Hardy/Kinmea Mollie
811 Goatling British Alpine M Hagain/Maxson Shamzigi M Hagain/Maxson Shameliar
812 Goatling any other variety P Newton/Treflor Amiza
813 Female Kids – Toggenburg or British Toggenburg
814 Female Kids – Saanen or British Saanen J Hagain/Mishisa Indie P Newton/Treflor Rhonda P Newton/Treflor Roxette M Boocock/Micean Katee
815 Female Kids – Anglo Nubian V Hardy/Kinmea Esme V Hardy/Kinmea Serena V Hardy/Kinmea Erin V Hardy/Kinmea Swallow
816 Female Kids – British Alpine C Hagain/Hunningley Zaidee M Hagain/Maxson Shamonna
817 Female Kids – Any Other Variety M Hagain/Makson Sheaber
818 Milking Competition- 1st parity Not completed
819 Milking Competition- 2nd+ parity Not completed
Best milker (bis) Micean Juliet
Res milker (res bis) Treflor Rio
Best goatling Micean Alison
Res goatling Kinmea Siobhan
Best kid Makson Sheaber
Res kid Kinmea Esme