Children’s Classes



Any Royal Theme Painting, pencil, felt pen, crayons, etc.. 

Class 950 Age 3,4
Class 951 Age 5,6
Class 952 Age 7,8
Class 953 Age 9,10,11
Class 954 Age 12,13,14,15


Any Royal ThemeThese can be digitally enhanced and experimental. Photos must be 6″ x 4″ minimum and 10″ x 8″ maximum. Mount optional.

Class 955 Age 5,6,7
Class 956 Age 8 9,10,11
Class 957 Age 12,13,14,15

Handwriting and Poetry

A piece of handwriting or poetry (at least 8 lines) in the Royal Theme topic with a decorative border. Layout, neatness and content to be considered.

Class 958 Age 6,7,8
Class 959 Age 9,10,11
Class 960 Age 12,13,14


Creative textiles, knitting, patchwork, bunting, handmade greeting card, or object.

Class 961 Age 6,7,8
Class 962 Age 9,10,11
Class 963 Age 12,13,14,15


Age 3,4 – decorate a biscuit. Over 4 years, bake a sponge cake fit for a Queen using your own recipe. Decorate in the Royal theme. Taste, consistency and decoration considered. 

Class 964 Age 3,4 Decorate A Biscuit Only
Class 965 Age 5,6,7,8
Class 966 Age 9,10,11
Class 967 Age 12,13 14,15

Any Model made with Lego

Class 968 Age 5,6,7
Class 969 Age 8 9,10,11
Class 970 Age 12,13,14,15

Self Portrait of if you were King or Queen For A Day

Paint, draw, or colour your self portrait complete with a crown and jewels to show how you would look if you were King or Queen. 

Class 971 Open to all ages.

Special commemorative Jubilee medals for all class placed winners in 1st, 2nd or 3rd place.