Cookery, Craft, Art & Photography Section

Section Secretaries

Mrs Alicia Wydell & Ms Corol O’Toole
Address: 33 Withyside, Denby Dale HD8 8SF

Cookery, craft, art & photography section results 2017
Class Class Name 1st 2nd 3rd
Handicraft Special Prize for Most Points in classes 901-908 Claire Armitage
901 A piece of hand embroidery in Cross Stitch and Counting Thread Claire Armitage M Berry Shirley Fox
902 Any other hand embroidered article made from recycled material with photo of previous use Gilly Renshaw Lucy Hutton Joan Buxton
903 Hand knitted garments and toys Helen Pace Joan Buxton Gilly Renshaw
904 Tapestry None None None
905 Creative Textiles Miranda Aukland Miranda Aukland Gilly Renshaw
906 Any other handicraft (hard material) not included above. Joan Buxton Richard Wilson Richard Wilson
907 Any handmade greeting card Jane Bramley Margaret Granger Joan Buxton
908 Any beading work or jewellery Claire Armitage Claire Armitage None
Art 909 Drawing any subject Jane Bramley A Kyle A Kyle
910 Painting of seascape or countryside Ian Townend Joyce Smith Joyce Smith
911 Still life in any medium Bethany Wilson None None
Photography 912 Foreign Scenes Michelle Howell John Goodall Hilary Dixon
913 Any Farming Show Michelle Howell Gen Wilson Jean Smith
914 Family Pets Steph Yeo Alan Coe Jennifer Jane Gray
Cookery 915 Victoria Sponge to be filled with jam J Woodhouse Erica Avis Hazel Stockdale
916 Ginger Loaf Cathie Brooke J Woodhouse Janet Depledge
917 5 decorated cupcakes Charlotte Derenzy Jones Joanna Van Den Brook Gen Wilson
918 Lemon Drizzle Cake J Littlewood Gen Wilson Margaret Corney
919 Plate of 6 Flap Jacks Janet Depledge J Woodhouse Erica Avis
920 Plate of 6 Plain Biscuits J Woodhouse Cathie Brooke Gen Wilson
921 Apple Pie made with shortcrust pastry Paul Thewlis Sue Nicholls Joan Buxton
922 Fruit Loaf Erica Avis Joan Buxton J Woodhouse
923 Plate of 6 fruit scones Cathie Brooke Hazel Stockdale Sue Nicholls
924 1lb Olive Loaf Julie Oxley Cathie Brooke Simon Littlewood
925 1lb jar of pickles Charlotte Derenzy Jones Howard Hughs Paul Thewlis
926 1lb jar of chutney Paul Thewlis Joan Buxton Amy Anderson
927 1lb jar of marmalade J Woodhouse Hilary Dixon None
928 1lb jar of jam Hilary Dixon J Woodhouse Lucy Hutton
929 1lb jar of jelly Hilary Dixon Lucy Hutton J Woodhouse
Sylvia Edmonson Trophy J Woodhouse