A turn up for the books!

During lockdown I decided to follow up a new craft, the art of wood turning, using a lathe. I managed to acquire a second hand lathe, that came with some chisels and along with a lot of YouTube videos I decided to have a go. I decided to try turning something small and ended up making a snowman.

I posted a picture on my Facebook page and suddenly everyone wanted one. As the festive period passed I needed a new project and came across an old whiskey barrel. It was a bit rusty and old, but I soon turned it into a rustic chair. I just need a bar now to set it off perfectly. So yes there has been some good aspects to this lockdown, and for me its been able to utilise a little spare time to indulge my crafting hobbies.  Wood carving next I think.

Article by Damian Hunsley

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