2022 Cookery, Craft, Art and Photography Schedule

Our section is very pleased to be preparing for the 2022 show after missing two years.  We are so pleased to be back and we hope you all return too with your wonderful entries across the four areas of our section.  The schedule is now available and it has been rolled through from the planning for the 2020 show.  Our thoughts behind this were for the craft section if they had made a huge effort to knit do a cross stitch which takes a great amount of time and then not be able to enter it into a class because we had changed the schedule.  So, if you have made items since the last show they will qualify for entry.  The online schedule for 2022 can be found HERE

In addition, we have also prepared a printable entry form which you just need to print and complete.  This can either be sent through to pre enter or bring on the day to enter.  Pre entry is always welcomed as it can get quite busy on the morning of the show.  The rules for our section are also online which we kindly ask you to read. 

We ask that you take a look at the schedule and enter to support us especially after missing two shows, we are really hoping to have a large uptake to give us a wonderful display in our marquee.  Why not have a family competition, jars of jam made by different generations, the very popular chocolate cake or the very Yorkshire rhubarb crumble. 

Get all the family having a go……….

All the information is available on our website www.emleyshow.co.uk under the tab for “Other Classes” selecting the “Cookery, Craft, Art and Photography Section”

We look forward to your entries and meeting you on show day Saturday 6th August for a Champion Day Out.

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