Children’s Classes

Section Secretary
Louise Hardy
Tel: 07841589526

Entry – Free
Prizes will be given in each class and for the best overall entry in the Children’s Classes.

Conditions of Entry

  • Limited to children 15 years and under on the day of the Show.
  • Age of exhibitor should appear on ALL entries.
  • Exhibits must be the work of the exhibitor and must not be entered in any other class in the Show.
  • Exhibitors name should NOT appear on the front of the entry. (Secretary reserves the right to cover up any names)
  • One entry per child per class
  • Entries can be brought to the Children’s Tent on the Friday before show day between 2:00-4:00pm for early entry. Entries will be accepted on Show day between 8:30 and 10:15am.
  • All cars must be removed from the Showground by 9:00am
  • Judging will commence at 10:30am for approximately 1 hour.
  • Presentation of prizes at 4pm.
  • No exhibits to be removed until after prize giving.
  • Entries can be collected from the Children’s Tent between 4:00pm and 5:00pm on the show day.
  • Baking items will be destroyed if not collected. Art/handicraft items will be kept for one month after the show date if not collected. Parents are responsible for arranging to collect work from the Section Secretary.

Topic for all classes ‘IN THE JUNGLE’

Art – Painting, pencil, felt tips etc

950 Age 3,4
951 Age 5,6
952 Age 7,8
953 Age 9,10,11
954 Age 12,13,14,15


These can be digitally enhanced and experimental. Photos must be 6” x 4” minimum and 10” x 8” maximum. Mount optional

955 Age 5,6,7
956 Age 8,9,10,11
957 Age 12, 13,14,15

Handwriting Piece of writing, (at least 8 lines) with decorative border.

Layout, style and neatness to be considered. A song, poem or piece of prose.

958 Age 6,7,8
959 Age 9,10,11
960 Age 12,13,14,15

Handicraft Creative textiles, knitting, patchwork, hand-made greeting card or postcard, beading work etc.

961 Age 6,7,8
962 Age 9,10,11
963 Age 12,13,14,15


Age 3 and 4 only – decorate a biscuit.
Over 4s – bake a sponge cake using your own recipe and decorate relating to the given topic.
This will be judged for taste, consistency and decoration.

964 Age 3,4 (decorate a biscuit)
965 Age 5, 6,7,8
966 Age 9,10,11
967 Age 12,13,14,15

Any model made of Lego

Create a Lego model or display (base to be no bigger than 30 cms x 30
cms) to incorporate the theme which is “In the jungle”

968 Age 5,6,7
969 Age 8,9,10,11
970 Age 12,13,14,15
971 Miscellaneous

Artwork can be brought to the Children’s Tent on Friday 3rd August from 2.00 to 4.00 pm or between 8:30 and 10.15am on Saturday August 4th.